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American Labeling and Claims

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The Brazilian Scalp Lotion
Now Available in the USA by Mail
  • Gentle, non-oily, non-irritating formula for daily leave-in use
  • Made from tropical herbals and botanicals
  • Careful, manual batch preparation
  • Does not spoil (two year nominal shelf life)
  • Normalizes scalp oiliness and pH
  • Creates healthy environment for strong hair growth
  • Helps to reduce hair loss from several causes
  • Indicated for repair of dry or damaged, treated hair
  • Compatible with and potentiates many other treatments
  • No added coloring, preservative, coal-tar derivatives
  • Totally non-toxic and safe
  • Pampers, fortifies, invigorates your hair and scalp
  • Not damaging to the rainforest
Produced in Brazil since 1988
Exclusively Exported by Martins & Yerow Importação & Exportação Ltda
USA contact: Horizon Telemedia, Attn: S Yerow, 98 Reservoir Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307
Tel: +1 (212) 995-9071 Noon - 9pm
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