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Brazilian History of the Product

Crescenew® stands for "New Growth" in Portuguese. Crescenew® was developed in Brazil and has been sold there since 1988. It was developed by a devoted female naturalist and licensed research chemist, who experimented with processes for natural extraction and formulation from the plants used in the product. The application of the product in Brazil is to promote the growth of strong, healthy hair in both men and women, improving health for all types of hair problems. (Individual experience will vary.) Crescenew® has always been produced in very small batches. More recently (1997) a larger facility was constructed to be able to handle the growing demand, although the small batch process is still used. It is estimated that over 90% of the sales of Crescenew® in Brazil are repeat sales, attesting to the success of the product in the eyes of its consumers.

Due to the unhurried process of extraction and preparation, the quantity of product available for sale is limited by that very process, as well as by the supply of some of the ingredients. Some of these ingredients are now cultivated cultivated in the company's gardens, while others are still gathered from the wilds of the countryside. It is only because the Brazilian Government has given incentives for export that the manufacturer has agreed to allow some of the product to be exported. (However, as the company intends to begin an advertising campaign during 2002, the result may be to reduce the quantity available for a given market. This may affect the cost.)

A large percentage of sales are in the North of Brazil, where the climate is muggy and sunny, and severe hair treatments take their toll on hair and scalp. The healthy hair growth believed attributable to Crescenew® has resulted in over thirty thousand units being sold every month to this market alone!

Over the past thirteen years, the popularity of the product has grown, despite an overall lack of publicity -- advertising is very expensive in Brazil, too. Some people (anecdotally) claim that it has promoted recuperation of lost hair or diminished growth, and it is labeled in Brazil as a remedy for dandruff and seborrhea, and as a capillary tonic lotion for the prevention of hair loss and improvement of follicular nutrition. Daily use often results in strong, healthy and manageable hair, with increased resistance to various "assaults" on the hair, both natural and from hair treatment (chemical, heat, etc.).

Ingredients and Manufacture

It should be understood that this formulation is non-toxic if ingested. There is even a case reported of a Brazilian who thought that the product was for internal use because it said 'tonic' on the label, and drank it. We don't know whether it had any effect on his hair, but we do know that he suffered no ill effects. Nevertheless, it is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

The ingredients are all found in the Amazon Jungle, or Rainforest, as well as in other parts of the country. Extraction of active components, after preparation of the raw ingredients, is primarily by aqueous processing in very small batches. The natural ingredients include extracts of the following in purified water (alphabetically in Portuguese):

Alecrim (Rosmarinus Afficinalis) invigorates the follicular bulb and aids in the penetration of the total lotion into the scalp

Barbosa (Aloe Barbadensis) has high mucilage content which helps in avoiding further hairloss

Bardana (Lappa Afficinalis) has emollient and antibiotic activity

Carqueja Amarga (Baccharis Crispa) helps combat seborrhea and dandruff

Cavalinha (Equisetum Pyramidade) acts to combat infections, promotes circulation and healing

Jaborandi (Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius) the liquid extracted from the chopped leaves aids in the treatment of hairloss and combats alopecia,

Mutamba Preta (Luhea Grandiflora) the resin in the bark is astringent and the leaves contain substances which help control dandruff,

Pita (Agave Americana) has potent anti-flaking action.

Crescenew® contains no strong irritants, such as coal-tar products, and is not oily, so it is very comfortable on your scalp. It can be used twice daily with no ill effects. Note: alecrim (rosemary) will cause temporary, minor eye irritation, which will soon pass or can be rinsed away with water, but please avoid contact with the eyes.

Recommended Method of Use

Crescenew® is for external use only (although you need have no concern if it is ingested). If any settling occurs (rare) shake before use. Gently massage for two to five minutes into a clean scalp twice daily, avoiding the eyes. Best used when hair is nearly dry, so as not to dilute the product. Each application requires about a quarter to one teaspoon of lotion, more or less. Leave the product on the scalp to soak in. Tip: a boar bristle brush can be used to more evenly distribute the product over the scalp and to help stimulate scalp circulation. Wash the hair only every third day, if possible. Less than daily use, or less than six to eight weeks of trial is not adequate in most cases. .

The user should find that the scalp will become less oily with time, and the hair stronger, more manageable and more lustrous. With regular use, your hair will also become more resistant to the assaults of harsh treatments.

United States Limitations on Claims

As everyone knows, our FDA is responsible for the approval and labeling of claims on any medical product, or product claimed to have a medicinal effect. We therefor make NO claims whatever in the United States for the effectiveness of Crescenew® as, for example, a preventative or moderating influence against hair loss, or as a remedy for dandruff or seborrhea. It is sold here for its cosmetic value, and you are left to judge the results for yourself. We trust you will find this to be a product of the highest quality in all respects.

Compatibility with Other Products

Hair loss can occur for several reasons, including stress, illness, hormones, heredity, use of certain medications, and excessive scalp oiliness. Genetic male/female pattern (hormonal) hair loss can be a difficult situation to address, so, don't expect Crescenew® to be all you need to try for this, but in combination with other natural treatments, Crescenew® may also have value. This is because pattern hair loss can be associated with an increased stimulation and progressive enlargement of the sebaceous oil glands of the scalp, causing greater and greater scalp oiliness, which Crescenew® is designed to control. The Barbosa (Aloe) extract in Crescenew®, with its high mucilage content, may help to slow or moderate further hair loss. The natural antioxidant and anti-DHT factors in Crescenew® can be very beneficial.

Crescenew® is an extremely high quality product. We know of no contraindications to its use, and feel it is is non-interfering and likely to enhance the effectiveness of other natural means of achieving scalp and follicular health. Some people have used Crescenew® as a scalp primer or precursor to other natural treatments, in an effort, for example, to enhance the dispersablility, penetration, or volume of those products. We can not recommend such use, but also do not discourage such experimentation (at the user's choice and risk, of course). Crescenew does not spoil, and does not require refrigeration, so it is likely to maintain the integrity of other products it is used with..

How to Order for Personal Use

The ordering process is subject to change. We may not always have a supply on hand in the USA at first, so you are welcome to ask before sending a paid order. We will automatically back order for you if we can not contact you or have no other instructions, if we are temporarily out of stock.

Please click on this form to order. Payment may be by postal money order or bank guaranteed check, or cash at your risk. Always include your email address for ease of communication (unless you have none). To buy now by credit card or direct bank debit, use the PayPal button below -- you will then be returned to the order reservation form. BE SURE TO FILL IT IN AND SEND IT, TOO. Your credit card bill will show 'Horizon Telemedia', the parent company.

Limited Warranty

If the retail user is unsatisfied with Crescenew® for any reason, he/she may contact us for a Return Authorization Number. Include the information from your receipt or invoice. Send the unused portion of the product back to us within thirty (30) days for a full refund of your purchase price. Customer pays return postage, and must include the copy of his/her return authorization letter or email.

Reselling or Distributing

Crescenew® is shipped in cases of twenty-four units of 250ml each. Each unit is approximately a three to six week's supply when used as suggested. Resellers may order in single or multiple case lots via this Distributor Order Form as above for individual orders. There is no refund available on opened cases or on orders of a single case. Returned product must be returned within 60 days of shipping with return shipping prepaid and all contents in original condition. Shipping weight of each case is approximately 6.9Kg or 15.25 pounds.


The statements above have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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